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1. How do I make a reservation?
You can reserve online by clicking the reservation link on one of our pages
or call our 24hr service number 425.269.3565.

2. How do I pay for the ride?
You can pay the driver directly with cash, local check, travelers check, credit card on the day of travel, you may also prepay by calling our reservation line with your credit or debit card.

3. Do I need to reserve in advance?
Towncar and SUV reserve at least in 1-2 hours, vans - 1 day, limos and other vehicles - 5 days. If you do not have enough time, just call our reservation line.

4. How do I cancel my reservation? Is there a cancellation fee?
Simply call our reservation line and provide the operator with your name.
There is no cancellation fee if you cancel within 4 hours. Otherwise you will be charged minimum.

5. Where do you pick up and drop off at the airport?
We drop off at the curbside baggage check in of the desired airline, we pick up at the baggage claim curbside after you have collected your luggage. Just step outside the baggage claim and dial our 24hr reservation line to provide the agent with the door number your are at (all doors are numberd), and the driver will pull up to that door within 3-5 minutes (by reservation only).

6. How many bags can I have with me?
The towncar will fit 4 standard size suitcases and 4-6 carry-ons. SUV, limo, van, churter bus are 2 any size suitcases and 2 carry-ons per person. There is an extra charge for extra luggage ($5 per suitcase).

7. Does the service charge include the gratuity?
No. The quote we will provide to you includes only the service charge.
The suggested gratuity for the driver is 20%.

8. How early before the flight do I have to be at the airport?
We will suggest to be at the airport 2 hrs before the flight due to the high airport security delays.

9. Can I bring a family pet with me?
Your pet must be in the carrier. There is an extra charge for oversize carriers.

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